The Kuomintang Legislative Yuan held a press conference on "Economic growth slows down and prices continue to rise, and the government is helpless."

(Photo by reporter Wang Yisong)

[Reporter Lin Liangsheng/Taipei Report] Inflation is a serious problem and economic growth is slowing down. The Legislative Yuan KMT group expressed concern about "stagflation" today. If the economy declines next year, the financial means available are very limited; As for the measures, Zeng Mingzong, the chairman of the Kuomintang League in the Legislative Yuan, said that all policies that are beneficial to people's livelihood are supported, but the speed must be fast, and the money must be used wisely.

The whole world is facing high inflation and serious economic problems. Although Taiwan is relatively minor compared with other countries in the world, hidden worries still exist.

The Legislative Yuan KMT Group held a press conference today to warn that Taiwan will face a crisis of "stagflation". KMT legislator Wu Yiting said that stagflation is the most terrible phenomenon in the economy, including inflation, salary reduction, and unemployment rate. high.

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Wu Yiting pointed out that the CPI (Consumer Price Index) reached 2.96% in October this year, a 14-year high, and the unemployment rate from May to August this year exceeded 4%. If there are more layoffs, Taiwan may be affected, and the impact can be expected to come.

Tseng Ming-tsung mentioned that the main research institutions forecast Taiwan’s economic growth next year. The average of 18 institutions is 3.17% this year and 2.28% next year, a drop of nearly 1 percentage point; the unemployment rate is 3.69% this year and 3.79 next year. %, in terms of overall estimates, Taiwan's economy will not be good next year, the unemployment rate will be even higher, and even wages will not rise, and everything will rise.

Xie Yifeng, Chief Deputy Secretary-General of the Kuomintang League in the Legislative Yuan, pointed out that the economic growth rate of the world's major economies has slowed down this year. By 2023, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Eurozone may even face negative economic growth. The inflation has slumped demand, potentially affecting export-oriented Taiwan.

Xie Yifeng mentioned that in the past, the Kuomintang group proposed to suspend tariffs and business taxes on bulk imported raw materials. If it is possible to overcharge substantially like this year, the available financial means will be very limited.

Zeng Mingzong said that President Tsai Ing-wen reviewed the post-election defeat and said that he would solve the economic problems in the post-epidemic era and reduce the burden on people's livelihood, but he "has no confidence at all." He called on the Executive Yuan to come up with specific measures as soon as possible. Slogans rule the country.

In response to the recent discussions about issuing "ten-fold coupons" and other consumer coupons, Zeng Mingzong said that the government's tax collection this year will be excessive, and the Kuomintang group welcomes policies that are beneficial to people's livelihood, but it must be done quickly, and policy evaluation must be done. Money needs to be used On the knife edge.