There is no turnaround for "Samba" Brazil, a five-time world champion who beat "White Ginseng" South Korea 4-1, advanced to the final 8 teams, going to a duel with "checkered" Croatia, the former runner-up four years ago.

From Brazil's performance today, it can be called the best of the tournament.

Especially in the attacking game that is so smooth that it can score up to 4 goals.

Which can be said that the reason why "Samba" returns to show aggressive form again must be given to Neymar, the number 1 striker of the team who returned to the field in this game after resting 2 previous games.

In the past 2 games, whether it's a winning game

Switzerland 1-0 or defeated Cameroon 0-1, it can be said that the "Samba" offensive line is quite dull, having to rely on Casemiro's ghost shot.

Leading the team to defeat the "clock" shin in the end

As for the game against Cameroon

Although most of them are substitutes, each of the Samba's offensive lines can't call out the form at all.

Until finally defeating the "Shaman" army

It's like a lack of vitality in attacking games.

It doesn't have an intrepid striker or a difficult ball.

until able to turn the game around

At least with Neymar, it takes at least 2-3 people to stop this former Barcelona star, who when opponents need more than 1 player to stop him, it makes his teammates. advantage

And have more chances to finish the score

simply called

Neymar is a caller.

Therefore, it is not surprising that he himself was kicked until the end.

In addition to summoning guests, being a superstar of the team is special in and of itself.

If it's there in the team, it's all good.

All the players were energetic.

But when it's not there, it withers like someone who can't play football ever.

It is therefore no surprise that Tite complains that he misses Neymar so much.

The result of the game won South Korea.

It has shown how important the Paris Saint-Germain striker is to "Samba".

Neymar is the only player Brazil can't live without if they want to win the 6th World Cup!!

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