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A mayor in France was forced by justice to marry a citizen of France and a Turkish citizen - something he refused to do, reported France Presse, quoted by BTA.

The republican prosecutor in Dijon, Olivier Caracoch, ordered the mayor of Chalons-sur-SaƓne to marry the couple by the end of March next year.

The couple actually planned to have a civil marriage as early as July 2021, but the mayor, Gilles Platre, refused to do so because he was a hardline supporter of migration and suspected that the Turkish groom wanted to marry the French woman in order to get French citizenship.

The couple turned to justice and that's how the court decision was reached.

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The mayor was even at one point a supporter of the far-right French polemicist and politician Eric Zemur.

Gilles Platre is not only known for this case.

In 2015, he sparked controversy again by introducing a uniform menu in the city's school canteens and banning pork-free food.

Then he insisted that French be used on construction sites in the city.