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Good morning, dear people.

Today I fell asleep after eight days and decided to write the following lines. This past week has been the most nightmarish of my life, because it is an emanation of a lifetime of violence.

This is what actress Diana Dimitrova wrote on her Facebook profile, who recently admitted to a beating she experienced years ago, but refused to name the perpetrator. 

Here is the rest of the actress's post, which we publish without editorial intervention:

Yavor Dachkov with a destructive comment about Diana Dimitrova

An ex-boyfriend of mine asked me, "What's wrong with you, man?!" When I wanted to develop in painting and he wanted children and to get married, after a relationship of one year and nine months, I was not ready and chose to be a student

Because creating a child is the biggest responsibility!

My dream was NHA and they accepted me.

First in success, graphics.

He continued to work in DANS (National Security State Agency).

Over the years he got married and now has two wonderful children.

Of course we stayed very close because he is a really good and fair person.

Over the years, I have spoken in video interviews about the mental violence inflicted on me during my studies at NATFIZ, where I was again accepted first in terms of success.

And that's a fact.

The person who signed the exams then crushed me, but I went with a lawyer.

We fought through it, together.

Diana Dimitrova: At NATFIZ, I was mentally harassed by a teacher for months

This year I found out that my lack of desire to go to court led to Agent VASILEV spreading his tentacles like an octopus in this supposedly national academy.

Hours before I went live on Sunday on BTV at 120min, I spoke with a girl-colleague who said, yes, I was with him, because of him, now I'm leaving Bulgaria.

Her father was a famous journalist, his memory is bright.

She told me that when they found out who her father was, attitudes changed at the academy, but the bitterness remains and she is now leaving the country...

Last night "TOBACCO" in TBA, Sofia was watched by such a young audience for the first time.

Children are now studying Dimitar Dimov's novel at school.

We're playing again tonight, and the performance is sophisticated, not sloppy.

My colleague Kalin Vrachanski played with a fever last night, but no one in the audience knew.

No one understands what's wrong with us, because we are professionals and when it's 7 p.m., we go out to fight, we go out on stage, we go out naive, clean, because we're not US anymore, and there's no room for diseases.

You, the artist, have a mission.

Tickets for last night, today, Thursday (Lovech) have been sold for months.

This is not a PR action because my career is currently TOP and since the last exhibition I have sold seven paintings.

Svetoslav Ivanov joked with the words "You have tied the year".

But I play IRINA.

The other responsibility.

Bina Haralampieva chose me.

You all know who she is.

She trusted me because she knew I could handle it.

33 performances!!!

"What about me?!" today I know the answer, because someone has to take the first step.

I am a popular person and I bear RESPONSIBILITY.

I don't want one PENNY from the person who wanted to kill me five years ago in the field.

I desire nothing but MORAL retribution.

Stay healthy and smile and a huge thank you to the army of good people who support me because they know me.

This time we will win the WAR!