On December 5, a meeting with foreign trade participants was held at the Nakhchivan General Customs Office.

According to the information provided to "APA-Economics" by the Press and Public Relations Department of the State Customs Committee, the Deputy Chairman of the State Customs Committee, Major General of the Customs Service, Bahruz Guliyev, said that the purpose of the meeting was to organize customs work more transparently and efficiently, to facilitate the delivery of goods and vehicles to their destination. and to inform business subjects about reforms and innovations related to fast delivery and customs clearance.

Speaking about the necessary steps taken by President Ilham Aliyev in the direction of the development of the country's economy and foreign trade, the Deputy Chairman of the State Security Council, at the same time, the rapid and unhindered implementation of import-export operations by the customs authorities recently, ensuring transparency,

Bahruz Guliyev emphasized that reforms in the customs system are being carried out in several directions, and important changes are taking place in both the structure and the business process.

Taking into account international experience, innovations in the direction of trade facilitation and application of information technologies are implemented, relations between entrepreneurs and customs officers are improved, and the control system is strengthened.

It was noted that along with entrepreneurs, customs officers should adapt their activities to global challenges, along with control in the customs system, service culture should be formed and business development should be supported in this direction.

It was pointed out that the most important of the important works done today is the synchronization of the activities of the customs bodies with other related state structures.

The work to be done in this direction will increase the effectiveness of the fight against customs violations, and the organization of preliminary information exchange about goods and means of transport with the customs authorities of other countries will prevent attempts to evade customs taxes and duties.

Vugar Aliyev, acting head of the Nakhchivan Chief Customs Department, informed entrepreneurs about the improvement of customs work and said that the main goal is to facilitate and speed up import-export operations, ensure transparent implementation of customs operations, and further improve the business environment.

At the end of the discussion meeting, the issues of interest to entrepreneurs were clarified, their questions were answered in detail, many issues were resolved on the spot, and the proposals were evaluated.