In Russia, the convicted soldier Ramil Shamsutdinov, who shot eight fellow soldiers in 2019, asked the "Wagner" PMC to go to war against Ukraine.

But he has not been taken yet.

Telegram channel Baza reports this.

According to the source, Shamsutdinov signed up as a volunteer for the war when representatives of the "Wagner" PVC came to the Tyumen correctional colony No. 2.

Shamsutdinov was included in the list.

However, when the "Wagners" came for the second time to take prisoners, they did not take Ramil.

According to the witnesses, the "Wagners" referred to the fact that "there are already so many people, you are not needed yet."

At the same time, other prisoners who agreed to participate in the SVO still left the colony.

Photo: Baza

It will be recalled that Shamsutdinov was convicted of murdering his colleagues in Chita (Russia) in November 2019 during the changing of the guard in the village of Girskyi.

Private Shamsutdinov at that time shot eight servicemen with an Ak-74.

Two were injured.

After the shooting, he surrendered.

He explained his crime as revenge due to bullying and hazing.

According to Ramil, he was threatened to be "put down".

In December 2020, Ramil Shamsutdinov was found guilty of mass murder.

Jurors indicated he deserved leniency.

The court sentenced him to 24 years and 6 months of imprisonment in a high-security prison.

We will remind you that the United States included the "Wagner" PEC along with the "Taliban" in the list of organizations causing concern in the field of freedom of religion.

And in the fall, Western media reported that Russian oligarch and owner of PVK "Wagner" Yevgeny Prigozhin is recruiting prisoners in the colonies of the Central African Republic.

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