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The Career Guidance Center in Pernik announced a Christmas charity bazaar and donation campaign for homeless dogs.

This was announced by the institution.

The initiative is being organized for the first time and is under the title: "Be Santa Claus for them".

The event will take place on December 15 and 16 in front of the City Department Store building in the regional city.

The idea of ​​the organizers is to involve the maximum number of students and teenagers in the campaign, to demonstrate empathy and care for the homeless four-legged animals.

All educational institutions in the territory of Pernik region have received an invitation to participate.

The Center invites everyone who wishes to make their own item to donate to the charity bazaar.

Food and items for the benefit of the dogs are also accepted - pellets, cans, treats, bowls for food and water, mats and old blankets, collars. 

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The collected donations will be handed over to the Municipal shelter for stray dogs in Pernik, writes BTA.

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