Professor Nikolay Gabrovski, nominated for prime minister by GERB, will negotiate for the formation of an expert minority government, which will receive support from the other parties.

This is what GERB MP Radomir Cholakov said in "The Day Begins".

According to him, Prof. Gabrovski possesses the necessary qualities for the prime minister's chair.

He will choose his own team.

"A good prime minister must first of all be a person. He must have empathy, be human and love people. He must love Bulgarians and want to take care of them. I think that Prof. Gabrovski possesses this. Secondly, he must he has wide expertise, thirdly he must be able to work with people. I think Gabrowski has shown this with qualities. Of course he will not solve the crises alone, but with the team he will put together. But I am sure that with his qualities, he will select his team and that he will be as flawless as possible," he added.

Cholakov defined the dialogue as very difficult.

"It's getting funny - Borisov, Borisov... this hatred is obviously hard to overcome. After a year and a half of change management or "charlatans", as the president said yesterday, good quality people are beginning to understand that things should not are left in this way and that they must commit themselves. Prof. Gabrowski, when receiving the mandate, said the word "debt" twice. And we believe him that it is a duty. Good people can no longer stay away from politics. Everyone, who feels responsibility towards the country, must get involved. And the most interesting and the best thing is that these people find in GERB the political power that can be a symbol of good change, no matter how strange that sounds to you," he pointed out .