Director General of YASNO, Serhiy Kovalenko, said that the December 5 missile strike set Ukraine's energy system back a week, which is why emergency power outages continue in the region. 

He wrote about it on Facebook.

Kovalenko said that in Kyiv the available power is currently at the level of 62-67% of the typical consumption that was before.

The latest rocket attack set the capital back a week. 

"Work is actively underway with condominiums and housing complexes of residential buildings, which are connected to critical infrastructure. There are already solutions for 474 buildings - the management companies are ready to turn off on their own in case of emergency or stabilization shutdowns. I am grateful to the city authorities for such a difficult decision. Why is this important - that's why in the conditions of significant restrictions, the main goal is to provide electricity to the critical infrastructure, and distribute the rest evenly among the population," Kovalenko wrote. 

Also, the general director of the energy company urges Ukrainians to turn to social networks for information on power outages, as contact centers do not always have operational data on this. 

Missile attacks on Ukraine on December 5 

Russian terrorists attacked the Ukrainian energy system for the eighth time.

The occupiers fired approximately 70 rockets across Ukraine, 60 of which were shot down. 

"Ukrenergo" reported that the occupiers attacked energy facilities again.

On December 6, they reported that the situation in the energy system in Kyiv and Odesa regions is the most difficult.

Due to new rocket attacks, emergency blackouts are being applied in all regions. 

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