Netizens suspected that they drove through the streets of Beijing on the evening of the 3rd, when the outside temperature was minus 10 degrees, and saw a long line of people preparing to do nucleic acid through the window. The picture is extracted from "@Shan96925067" Twitter and synthesized by this newspaper)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Although the Chinese government announced that starting from the 5th, Beijing will not need to show negative certificates when entering and exiting places such as buses or subways, relaxing prevention and control measures to a certain extent, and closing many screening stations at the same time, but social platforms have recently leaked videos It can be seen that there are still a large number of people in Beijing queuing up for nucleic acid tests in snowy days. After the news was exposed, Chinese netizens criticized "turning off for free, starting at their own expense, the new normal of the epidemic economy", "using the false loosening of a few big cities to deceive the world".

According to China's official report, a total of 28,062 new cases of Wuhan pneumonia (new coronavirus disease, COVID-19) were newly confirmed in a single day today, of which 1,163 were confirmed in Beijing and 3,503 were asymptomatic infections, for a total of 4,666. example.

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The social platform Twitter "Shan" posted a post on the 4th, and attached a clip. The text mentioned that he was suspected of driving through the streets of Beijing on the evening of the 3rd. At that time, the outside temperature was minus 10 degrees. The line of people preparing to do nucleic acid test can still be seen after passing through a tunnel, shouting, "Continuing to abuse the people in the name of the epidemic!"

"Voice of America Chinese Network" Twitter also posted a video on the 4th. The text mentioned that although Beijing's subways or supermarkets no longer require negative certificates from the 5th of this month, and many testing stations have been closed, but on the 3rd of this month From the video taken, it can still be seen that many people line up for nucleic acid testing, because there are still other places, such as offices, that must show the screening results.

The public video shows that citizen Mr. Yan pointed out that he came to line up for nucleic acid at 7 o'clock in the morning. Another citizen, Mr. Zhu, said, "From here to there, you have to walk for 7 or 8 minutes to get to the last line." Everyone People in line were all wearing thick coats, and many people wore fur hats to keep their heads warm. It was obvious that the weather was cold.

The Chinese government announced yesterday (5) that Beijing buses and subways will not be able to refuse passengers who do not have a 48-hour nucleic acid negative test result starting from the 5th, followed by an announcement earlier today (6) that Beijing residents will enter supermarkets, supermarkets, Business buildings and various public places do not need to check the negative nucleic acid test certificate, just scan the code to enter; permanent residents do not need to check the negative nucleic acid test certificate or scan the code to enter the community or village.

However, it is still required to enter closed places such as Internet cafes, bars, chess and card rooms, KTV, saunas or restaurants for indoor use, indoor fitness, etc., as well as entering elderly care institutions, child welfare institutions, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, and inpatient departments of medical institutions. Check the 48-hour nucleic acid test negative certificate and scan the code.

After the news was exposed, some netizens said, "Shut down for free, start at your own expense, the new normal of the epidemic economy", "If the nucleic acid company is cut off, it will also cut off your life!", "Drag your pants and fart", "Enter Shopping malls don’t check the nucleic acid and enter the store to check. I go to the mall just to sit on the bench, right?”, “If I don’t have nucleic acid, I don’t check the QR code, and I pretend I’m not positive.” To deceive the whole world, the truth is that the CCP uses nucleic acid to continue to cruelly torture the people of the whole country.”

This is the nucleic acid queue in Beijing last night, minus 10 degrees!

Still continue to abuse the people in the name of the epidemic!

— Shan (@Shan96925067) December 4, 2022

People in Beijing lined up for nucleic acid testing on the 3rd.

Beijing announced the relaxation of some epidemic control measures, and many testing stations were closed.

From the 5th, supermarkets and subways in Beijing will no longer require negative tests, but many other places, including office facilities, still need to show test results.

— Voice of America Chinese Network (@VOAChinese) December 3, 2022 For related news, please see:

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