Niupu Farm Pond is a well-known scenic spot in Longqi.

(Photo by reporter Wu Junfeng)

[Reporter Wu Junfeng/Tainan Report] The remote Longqi District of Tainan is well-known for its precious "Moon World" field. It is a hotspot for cosplayers, Internet celebrities and others to take pictures. With the efforts of all walks of life, it was successfully included in the national landscape of Siraya this year. Within the district, the management office will hold the first sightseeing promotion event in the local area on Sunday, with a special market as the theme, inviting everyone to witness the beauty of mudstone transformation.

Longqi Market is one of the "Wonderland Siraya" series of activities. It will be held in the square in front of the Niupu Mudstone Soil and Water Conservation Teaching Park starting from the morning of the 11th of this month. Visitors can also go hiking in the farm pond to feel the ecological construction method , Badlands turned into a dream lake road.

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Xu Zhenneng, director of wind management at Siraya, said that after the Niupu farm pond was transformed into a mudstone soil and water conservation teaching park, tourists flocked to it. After the dredging project, the beautiful scenery of the dream lake reappeared, and the surrounding large bamboo forests became a local tourist hotspot. , often attracting COSPLAY, Internet celebrities, etc. to take pictures and check in.

Siraya also arranged a coser to dress up as an animation, and went to the local bamboo forest to take pictures. Under the breeze, it was like being in nature, full of fairy spirit.

Xu Zhenneng said that Niupuli and Longchuanli in Longqi District, as well as the Jibeishu tribe in Dongshan District, were announced to be included in the Siraya National Scenic Area on November 3 this year, making the characteristics of the jurisdiction more diverse, and tourism promotion also followed. The expansion.

The Longqi Market of the Fairyland Siraya series, arranged bamboo weaving DIY, bamboo pot throwing games, exhibitions and sales of local cultural and creative products, and agricultural specialties on the day. Designed by Hong, there are also abundant animals and plants underground.

Xu Zhenneng pointed out that he hopes that through the delicious food, beautiful scenery, and bamboo weaving experience, everyone can meet new friends in the jurisdiction. On the day of the event, Lin Xianhua, a legendary figure from Niupu, will also be invited to the scene to draw artworks with the unique landscape of Longqi. It is worth recommending .

Xu Zhenneng also suggested that the public can visit 308 Highland, Longchuanwo, Zizhu Temple, and overlook the moon world and the beautiful scenery of landscape paintings stacked with clouds. It is an excellent choice for watching the sunrise and sunset at low altitudes.

Longzaki was included in the Siraya National Scenic Area, and it held its first tourism promotion event, which debuted on Sunday.

(Provided by Siraya Air Duct)

Longzaki was included in the Siraya National Scenic Area, and it held its first tourism promotion event, which debuted on Sunday.

(Provided by Siraya Air Duct)