they began to print and issue coupons for food to the population, as the country is returning to the times of shortages, as it was in the days of the Soviet Union, dreamed of by Russians.

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 with reference to the Russian mass media.

The message indicates that photos from local printing houses have begun to be published online.

As the journalists found out, the printing of control and ration coupons turned out to be "planned".

The Ministry of Industry and Trade in the Tula Region has already responded to media reports.

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"The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Tula region is working on updating documents regarding the supply of food and non-food products to the population. Such work is provided for by current legislation and is planned," the Russian agency said in a statement.

Note that cards are introduced in the country when there is a shortage of certain types of goods.

They should regulate the norms of consumption of goods per person.

We will remind, it was previously reported that after February 24, when Russia started a war against Ukraine,

more than 80% of Russians partially or completely lost their savings


In addition, we previously informed that

 Russia, despite the "joy" of sanctions, is getting closer and closer to the scenario of Iran's development. 

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