Attacks on airfields deep in Russia will have a powerful psychological impact and Moscow will have to think much more carefully about how to ensure the safety of its long-range bombers.

This was reported by Reuters with reference to Western high-ranking officials. 

These officials said anonymously that the strikes on Russian airfields were the deepest inside the country since its invasion of Ukraine began on February 24.

"If it was them (Ukrainians) ... it shows that they can act in Russia as they wish, and that will deeply worry the Russians.

Psychologically, I think

it will hurt ," said one Western official.

Officials are convinced that it is at the Engels base that Russia keeps its long-range strategic bombers.

However, now Moscow will be forced to think about their relocation.

"This could lead to

these bombers being scattered in different places

. It certainly makes the Russians less confident ... (that) anywhere is safe," the official noted.

What is known about attacks on Russian airfields

On December 5, explosions rang out at Diaghilev and Engels airfields in Russia.

Russian strategic bombers are located there, from which they attack Ukraine with missiles.  

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation was informed about the damage to two planes and the death of four soldiers.

The department also called the incident a drone attack.

Later it became known that two Russian Tu-95 strategic bombers were damaged at the Engels airfield.

Ukrainian intelligence said that they could neither confirm nor deny information about Ukraine's involvement in these explosions.

According to military expert Mykhailo Prytula, attacks on air bases in the Russian Federation could be carried out by Ukraine with the help of Tu-141 drones of its own production.

These drones can cover a distance of up to 1000 km and return.

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