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Attacks on Russian air bases and an airport deep inside Russia are a powerful psychological blow and Moscow will have to think more carefully about how to protect its long-range bombers, a senior Western official said, quoted by Reuters.

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In the past two days, drones have struck the Engels Air Force Base, located near the city of Saratov, at least 600 kilometers from the nearest Ukrainian territory, as well as another base and an airport.

Ukraine did not claim responsibility for the attacks but expressed satisfaction, and Russia retaliated with a "large-scale attack on the Ukrainian military control system".

Senior Western officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Reuters that no attacks had reached this far into Russian territory since Moscow began its invasion on February 24. 

A third Russian military airport went up in flames in two days

"If it is the Ukrainians, it can be seen that they can act in Russia when they decide, and this will deeply disturb the Russians," said one of the Western representatives, adding that, in his opinion, it is a psychological blow.  

Reuters' sources are convinced that Russia has deployed its long-range strategic bombers at the Engels Air Force Base and is now thinking of moving them, BTA notes.

"It certainly makes the Russians less confident that there is a safe place," said one of the Western representatives.

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