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"A fire broke out at a military airport in the western Russian city of Kursk," Ukrainskaya Pravda wrote.

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According to Roman Starovoi, the governor of the Kursk region bordering Ukraine, a liquid fuel tank caught fire after an explosion.

"There were no injuries. All services are on hand. The fire is under control," he said, as quoted by the publication.

"The fire broke out at the Kursk Vostochny airport. Before the start of Russia's invasion of Ukraine (February 24), it was used by both military and civilian planes and helicopters. After that, the airport began to serve only military aircraft. Now it is there deployed 14th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment of the Russian Federation," added the media from Kyiv.

This is the third such incident at a Russian military airport in two days.

Yesterday, fires broke out near the western city of Ryazan and in the area of ​​the city of Engels in southwestern Russia.

Explosions at two Russian military airports, at least three people have died

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