As many as 130 delicious bentos in the convenience store were maliciously abandoned.

(taken from Facebook)

[Reporter Cai Zhangsheng/Hsinchu Report] On the 5th, 130 bento orders from a convenience store in Hsinchu City were maliciously abandoned. The store urgently sent them to the park for free through the Facebook group "Hsinchu Explosive Commune". They ordered other goods by the way and asked them to remit money first. After they refused, the other party maliciously abandoned the order. It is initially known that 8 businesses in the Hsinchu area have been victimized. The whole case is under investigation by the police.

The store said that the scammer claimed to be an artillery logistics purchaser, and called to order food and ask for the latest menu at around 11:00 on the 5th, and informed that Line would negotiate the order in the future.

The other party asked for the meal in the shortest possible time. After the order time was finalized, he asked if he could help to order 50 boxes of military canned beef and 50 boxes of mineral water with the manufacturer he designated. I left, and used various reasons to ask the store to remit more than 200,000 yuan for canned beef and mineral water. After the store refused, the other party refused to pick up the meal with various excuses, and finally refused to read it back.

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The store owner said that when the police station was taking notes, there were victims of nearby businessmen who were also taking notes. After the article was published, there were also messages and private messages from other victimized businesses. Up to now, at least 8 businesses in the Hsinchu area have been defrauded by the same method, and even some stores have already sent money. go out.

The store once again thanks all the friends in Hsinchu. After the incident, countless private messages and calls, all of which are love and support, some people ask if they need help sending, and some people insist on using cash to subsidize the loss of the store for free .

The store owner said that even the friends who came to receive the love bento lined up without fighting or snatching them up. They received them with both hands and bowed to thank them. The store owner was really moved, even if he was cheated again.

The business owner said that many people mentioned why they don’t sell cheap or buy one get one free, and charge back some of the cost. However, because the store insists on not reselling overnight dishes and reselling products, they choose to lose all their money. I also thank the Hsinchu City Police. The police officers from the Puding Police Station of the Second Sub-bureau of the Bureau actively and enthusiastically assisted the store owner.

The case is under investigation by the police.

The victimized businessman has gone to the police station to report the case.

(taken from Facebook)