Regarding the election of Shi Yu Xingwang, a candidate for the Tainan Mountain Aboriginal City Council, who bought votes and was elected as a councilor, the Tainan District Prosecutor's Office filed a lawsuit against Shi Yu on the 6th to invalidate his election.

(File photo, photo by reporter Wang Junzhong)

[Reporter Wang Junzhong/Tainan Report] The Tainan District Prosecutor’s Office traced Shi Yu Xingwang, a candidate for the 13th constituency (mountain aborigines) of the next South City councilor election, for buying tickets with cash before this year’s nine-in-one general election. Five voters bought tickets, each ranging from 10,000 yuan to 15,000 yuan; Shi Yu publicly said on Facebook that he and his team were fine after he was asked to go back without insurance. Shi Yu was prosecuted for two crimes of voting bribery and spreading rumours; the prosecution filed a civil lawsuit against Shi Yu today to invalidate his election.

The Tainan City Election Commission announced the list of candidates for the election on December 2, and the Tainan District Prosecutor's Office filed the first lawsuit against Shi Yu on December 6 for invalid election in the bribery investigation.

Nanjian stated that apart from Shi Yu’s case, it will also review other election bribery cases as soon as possible to see if they meet the requirements of the invalidation lawsuit, and file a lawsuit with the Tainan District Court within the statutory time limit.

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Prosecutor Qian Hongming of the Southern Prosecutor’s Office pointed out that on the afternoon of September 7 this year, Shi Yuxingwang, a candidate for Nanshi Councilor, went to the residence of Qian Lai voters in Guantian District to ask for support, and handed over a red envelope containing 10,000 yuan to Qian Lai; On the afternoon of November 10, a voter surnamed Zhong in Xinhua District contacted the candidate to ask for bribes. The candidate went to Xinhua to visit Zhong Min and handed a red envelope containing 15,000 yuan to Zhong, expecting Zhong and his family to support him.

On a certain day in June and November this year, the candidate went to the residence of a voter surnamed Fan in the General District for the second time to ask for support and help visit other voters. Candidates went to the residence of voters surnamed Hong in Yongkang District to seek support and help visit other voters, and handed over 10,000 yuan in red envelopes to Hong Min; To Huang Min.

Prosecutors stated that candidate Shi Yu knew that both the first and second instance judges ruled that he was involved in election bribery, but he still ignored the facts. There was no evidence of ticket purchase, the judge finally sentenced him to return without bond, and he returned home safely the next Sunday; the prosecution appealed, but was also dismissed by the High Court,...Thank God, he and the team are fine, please rest assured.”

This statement involves spreading rumors and untruths, with the intention of making candidates elected. In addition to the crime of bribery in elections and votes, an additional charge of spreading rumors will be prosecuted.