On December 6, the Armed Forces of Ukraine celebrate a professional holiday.

On the occasion of this day, Ukrainian defenders were congratulated by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi and the command.

In his address, the president noted the courage and dedication of Ukrainian defenders

"With perseverance and professionalism, you broke the enemy's imperial plans, and at the cost of your own life and health, you continue to win freedom for millions of Ukrainians, to fight for the right to the existence of our state. Today, you celebrate a professional holiday, fighting fierce battles with the Russian invaders on land, in the air and at sea . You are firmly holding positions and knocking the enemy out of our land, liberating Ukrainian cities and villages. The Ukrainian people trust you and believe in your strength and indomitability," the president said.

He expressed gratitude to all servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for their courage, self-sacrifice and invincible character, which they demonstrate every day in battles with the Russian aggressor.

He also remembered the fallen defenders of Ukraine.

"On this day, we bow our heads to the memory of the heroes who gave their lives for Ukraine. We will always remember their feat," Zelenskyi said.

I am convinced that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will continue to reliably protect our country and will be an example of self-sacrifice and heroism.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny

recalled the path that Ukrainian defenders took during the almost 9-year war of Ukraine against Russia and noted that on this day he thinks first of all about those defenders who fell on the battlefield and their families.

"This is the path of warriors, the path of people who have the courage and dignity to choose freedom. It is filled with blood, full of suffering and pain, but it is he who leads us forward to take revenge and win, leaving no room for fear and despair. Every day, aware of the price we pay for freedom, I gather all my will in my fist so that I have enough strength to defeat the aggressor and repel his desire to encroach on our freedom at any time in the future," said Zaluzhny.

The commander of the United Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Serhiy Naev

, noted the high level of motivation, excellent indicators of combat, physical and moral and psychological training of the Ukrainian defenders.

"For the ninth year in a row, you are defending your native land from the aggressor. At the limit of human capabilities, you emerge from extremely difficult situations with honor and valor. Today, you are protecting the state and people who are choosing the path of democratic development and practicing European values, you are defending the right of Ukrainians to free life in a free country. I sincerely wish you new personal victories and our great Victory, health to you and your families, joy in your soul and smiles in your heart!" - said Naev.

The Russian army will lose on the battlefield in Ukraine, because it is opposed by the valor, spirit and victory of the Ukrainian military.

This was said

by the Commander of the Air Force of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Mykola Oleschuk, in his congratulation on the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"Today, the occupiers will lose on the battlefield! Valor, honor, heroism, fighting spirit and victory of the Ukrainian warrior broke the teeth of the racist horde. That is why they started terror against the civilian population. This is what war criminals do, who are condemned by the whole civilized world!" he said.

He added that the Armed Forces of Ukraine celebrate their 31st anniversary heroically, beating the enemy on land, in the sky, at sea and in the rear.

"The Air Force is doing everything possible and impossible so that the attacks of the Rashists do not achieve their goals! And we will continue to do so. We will protect the Ukrainian people and the entire civilized world from complete evil. We will hit the occupiers where they least expect it. Thank you to all defenders and defenders of Ukraine, volunteers, energy workers, Western partners, everyone who brings our victory closer," said the commander.

We will remind that the Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled enemy attacks on 7 areas in Donetsk region and targeted the location of the occupants.

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