The original po shared the fake Amazon e-commerce platform website and his own experience of being scammed, reminding everyone not to be deceived.

(The picture is taken from "Breaking News Commune")

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] "Fake Amazon e-commerce website" scams have become more and more popular recently. Recently, a netizen shared his experience of being scammed on the breaking news commune, reminding the public to pay attention to websites that fake Amazon's Amazon e-commerce platform.

The original po said that in September, he met a female netizen on a dating software, and after a month of chatting with her about investment, the female netizen recommended to him a fake Amazon Amazon e-commerce platform website, claiming that she also invested more than 300,000 in it , the original po was afraid that the other party would be unhappy, so he also invested with the minimum amount.

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The original po always thought it was a fraudulent website, and continued to search for related cases on the Internet. It was not until November that he saw the relevant publicity on the anti-fraud expert, and he and the unknowing female netizens realized that they were really scammed.

The original po believed that even if the police were called, the money would definitely not be returned, so he first communicated with the fraud group and did not call the police immediately.

The fraudulent group claimed that if the remittance was made in Taiwan dollars, a security deposit of 10,000 was required first. He asked the fraudulent group to deduct from the principal and remit the balance to him.

The original po told the other party that it was a fraud to post on major platforms to announce that the website was a scam, and the fraud group responded that they would sue him with a team of lawyers and ask him to receive a subpoena.

The original po compared the creation time of the fake website’s domain (July this year) with the time when Amazon entered Taiwan (2017), and sent out relevant content related to major fraud suspicions to the other party, but the fraudulent group insisted that if they want to get money, they will Only according to their regulations, the original po went to the police station to report the case.

After reading it, many netizens said, "Investment in a word: don't touch things you don't know well", "It's funny to believe that such a large international company has a line editor, and can reply to people.", "line official account Do you believe it without a green label?", "The product webpage is a classic mainland aesthetic, with a red letter design + a lot of reviews from buyers who are divided into multiple corners." The original PO had no choice but to say that he was too stupid, so he had to share his experience. Remind everyone not to be deceived!

Anti-fraud experts also remind the public that Amazon is the largest e-commerce platform in foreign countries, but only a few people use it in Taiwan. People believe it is true.

In order to attract the attention of the public, on the screen of customer orders, there is also an order-receiving page like that of a general e-commerce platform, just like a one-page shopping website that will keep jumping up notifications that many people have placed orders, trying to make people who enter the website feel You can really sell it.

The anti-fraud expert appeals to the public that fraudulent methods are ever-changing today, so don't be fooled by phishing websites.

The original Po shared a fake Amazon e-commerce platform website.

(The picture is taken from "Breaking News Commune")