Belarus is unable to maintain the Russian army.

In an exclusive interview with, politician and diplomat, ambassador of Ukraine to Belarus in 2010-2011, Roman Bezsmertny talked about its military potential.

"Imagine 100, 60, 50, 40,000 Russian troops - no. Belarus will not "take" it. It remains Soviet in itself. The entire population lives literally in a few cities. There is no possibility of deploying such a large number of troops there. To think about that a 50,000-strong Russian military garrison can enter and stay on the territory of Belarus for a year is currently impossible," the expert noted.

According to Bezsmertny, the territory of Belarus can be used as a certain airfield bridgehead.

"All military airfields have remained as they were since Soviet times. Up to a dozen of them are intended for heavy bombers. In the Russian doctrine itself, Crimea and Belarus are bridgeheads with a system of warehouses, communications, etc.," the diplomat said.

We will remind you that Roman Bezsmertny also evaluated the army of the self-proclaimed leader of Belarus Lukashenka.

The expert also talked about the nature of mobilization in Belarus.

According to him, it is not of a mass nature.

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