Xiluo Temple on Nanshi Street, Tainan thinks that the Yufeng Palace in Xinzhuang, New Taipei City is messy and messy, and does not maintain a clean environment. It lists the Yufeng Palace as an unwelcome incense offering blacklist. In this regard, the Yufeng Palace complained that it sent personnel to sweep the floor after the incident. .

(Taken from Tainan Nanshi Street Xiluodian Fan Special)

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The police fired shots to suppress the riots in the northern temple

[Reporter Lai Xiaotong/New Taipei Report] The "Yufeng Palace" in Xinzhuang District, New Taipei City has been in constant controversy. Last night, it made noise and set off firecrackers on the street without permission. After being stopped by the police, two members of the formation pushed the police officers. The shooting was stopped, and the crime of obstructing public affairs was transferred to the law. Unexpectedly, in the afternoon, it was reported that the Yufeng Palace did not maintain a clean environment when it came to Tainan for pilgrimage.

In this regard, Yufeng Palace appealed for injustice and said that the personnel swept the floor afterwards, and they can check the monitor screen to clarify the facts.

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The fan page of Xiluo Temple on Nanshi Street, Tainan pointed out that the quality of Xinzhuang Yufeng Palace is very poor, and the colorful fireworks that are easy to fly around are set off. Volunteers dissuade them from listening, causing troubles for Fengshen Temple to hold activities in the afternoon, creating mess and unorganized environment Restoration will cause the historic site to be dirty and unsightly, and will violate the self-control agreement of the Temple of Siro. It will be included in the blacklist of unwelcome pilgrimage groups, and it is emphasized that "religious groups that create social chaos and disorder are not what we want." .

Mr. Zhang, the son of the owner of Xinzhuang Yufeng Palace, said that there were a lot of people participating in the pilgrimage at that time. The people who took the tour bus got on the bus and went north after the event because they were in a hurry. There were also a group of people who drove by themselves. There were 4 or 5 people sweeping the floor, and the garbage that flew to Fengshen Temple was also swept away. If the outside world does not believe it, you can check the monitor screen to see.

Mr. Zhang said that there was an attempt to explain to Xiluodian at the moment, but the staff of Xiluodian refused to accept it, and directly scolded Yufeng Palace in a PO post on Facebook. He was also very helpless and hoped to clarify to the outside world through the media. There was absolutely no Deliberately destroying the environment; as for the troubles caused by the Yufeng Palace staff last night, we will review and improve in the future, and restrain the members to abide by the law and order.

The New Taipei City Civil Affairs Bureau stated that Yufeng Temple is an unregistered shrine, and it did not apply for the detour last night. It will ask the district office to invite the temple and the police, fire protection and environmental protection units to hold a review meeting as soon as possible. In the future When the unit applied for a detour, it will strengthen the checks on the detour route and the frontline personnel to avoid the participation of bad actors. In addition, the temple is involved in illegal activities, and the relevant unit will be asked to punish it according to the regulations.