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A humanitarian organization in Finland is helping not only people, but also their animals, amid rising costs of living.

Her activity is enjoying success, writes BNT.

This winter, a Finnish humanitarian organization is taking special care of pet owners because of the increased prices.

Volunteers distribute food and sand mainly for dogs and cats.

There are also certain treats and toys for pets.

Queues of people are snaking in front of the makeshift stands.

"This is extremely important and that's why we want to organize aid every year. There are people in need and something has to be done. People need help, unexpected situations can arise and then we also help the animals," said Milli Antilla, a volunteer.

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The initiative is getting a good response.

"I've been struggling this year, especially since food prices started going up, the energy crisis is coming, the prices started going up already in June, so it's really felt in the wallet," added Desiree Saadawi.

The humanitarian organization also helps homeless animals and finds them foster homes.

It also provides veterinary care.

And this year, Finland topped the top ten of the happiest countries in the world.

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