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Crises that seek but find no solutions.

Generating fear from rumors of constant threats.

Intolerance of criticism - if you criticize, then you are an enemy.

Lack of basic desire to participate in meaningful discussion.

Pushing intelligence stigmatizing the different instead of helping inclusion.

Xenophobic rhetoric, insults and qualifications that beget qualifications.

Lies, rejection and hatred are part of the political language.

The leader wants obedient people, speaks in simple sentences because that's how the people understand him, intolerant of objections, points out who the universal culprit is.

Are we describing what was happening in Germany and pre-war Europe in the 1930s, or are we finding features of today's societies and political situations?

This is just the warning of eternal fascism.

This was stated by the Vice President Iliana Yotova

Iliana Malinova Yotova is a Bulgarian politician, 5th Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria, during the opening of the international conference "Stop Hate Speech".

"Have we learned, do we recognize facts and personalities, types in social life - each one of you here and the people outside can answer this question.

The Holocaust did not start with the gas chambers, but with hate speech against a minority.

Today, 4 out of 5 young people in the Jewish community believe that the problems are getting worse.

The virus of denial is ready to mutate in times of crisis.

This is a threat not only to Jews, not only to minorities - it is a threat to our own societies and our democracy," she believes.

According to her, there is no good treatment without a correct diagnosis: "Europe and the world are going through one of their most difficult periods.

There is a lack of definitive and convincing working solutions.

This has caused uncertainty, fairness, polarization and mistrust.

The language of hate is being used in this process.”

"The language of hatred against Eastern Europe, Great Britain against immigrants, or against refugees as a result of the Middle East, are now commonplace.

The language of hatred from being an exception becomes the norm, giving birth to political ideologies and subjects.

Today, facts are handled with a light hand, they are distorted, things are said for which there is no evidence - for 50 euros you can cross the southern border of Bulgaria is a typical example", explained Yotova.

She also raised the question of whether the media is a conduit for hate speech, a catalyst in its desire for a higher rating.

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"Social networks are a particularly fertile ground for hate speech.

The typical manifestation of the complex and the cowards who do not have the courage to admit their personal complex," she added.

According to her, the criminal and legal framework is of great importance: "But is it enough?

Are sanctions the cure for this epidemic?

Technical means as an obstacle are important.

We have a directive on audiovisual services, we have a code of conduct on online platforms."

According to the vice president, the hardest battle is for the souls of people, especially the young: "They are easy prey for radical elements, often the lack of perspective in front of them.

Hate speech is the first step to hate crimes and violence.

Let us recall the murder of Ilan Halimi - the first such murder of a young Jew since World War II.

The attack on the Jewish school in Toulouse.'

She recalled the history and how Bulgaria managed to protect its Jewish population during the Second World War: "This is an episode of the history of Bulgaria to be proud of.

This memory must be saved.

I am a supporter of the idea of ​​building a museum for the rescue of Bulgarian Jews."

Iliana Yotova

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