The Government of Ukraine approved the decision to suspend the intergovernmental agreement with Belarus on cooperation in the field of geodesy, cartography and remote sensing of the earth, signed in June 2001 in Brest.

The government of Ukraine also refused to cooperate with Belarus in the sphere of research and use of outer space for peaceful purposes and appealed to the parliament to terminate the agreement on cooperation in the sphere of technical protection of information and the corresponding protocol to it.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has informed the government and other ministries about the termination of seven protocols on cooperation between the State Border Committee of Belarus and the State Border Service of Ukraine from November 3.

In fact, according to this message, the border structures of the countries have completely stopped cooperation and interaction.

Now they do not have a separate channel of communication, the activity of representative groups that met to solve urgent problems has been stopped.

In addition, points of simplified passage of citizens (the so-called small border traffic) are closed, cooperation in the field of kinology and information exchange, as well as between operative divisions of the border agencies of Belarus and Ukraine, has been stopped.

Ukraine also refused to implement the pilot contact point "Zhytomyr - Pinsk".

This was provided for by a separate protocol signed in December 2016 in Minsk.

This is Ukraine's biggest revision of the international legal framework of relations with Belarus since Russia started a full-scale war on Ukrainian territory.

The Belarusian authorities supported the Russian attack on Ukraine, provided their territory and infrastructure for this.

Earlier, Ukraine suspended or withdrew from almost ten agreements and houses:

  • on avoiding double taxation;

  • on cooperation in the field of youth policy.

    The governments of Belarus and Ukraine signed this document on December 14, 1995 in Kyiv;

  • on production and scientific and technical cooperation of enterprises and organizations of defense industries;

  • on navigation on inland waterways, which was signed in Minsk on February 5, 1998;

  • on mutual recognition and equivalence of documents on education and scientific titles;

  • on cooperation in the sphere of attestation of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel;

  • on cooperation in the sphere of science and technology;

  • on cooperation in the sphere of standardization, metrology and certification;

  • interdepartmental agreement with Belarus on cooperation between the Ministries of Internal Affairs;

  • on cooperation in the field of youth policy.