Telegram channel 1ADAT, referring to the data of "informants from Europe and Chechnya", wrote that "Tumso was shot at night by a group of persons and at this moment the details of the murder are being clarified."

The opposition publication did not provide other details, but noted that the special services hid Tums Abdurakhmanov's brother.

The Russian service of Radio Svaboda reports that, according to the information of Abdurakhmanov's associates, the blogger was killed on the night of December 2.

Other details are unknown.

Swedish law enforcement agencies have not yet commented on it.

Tumsa Abdurakhmanov stopped communicating in early December.

This was reported by the Chechen human rights association "Vaifond", which is located in Sweden.

Even then there were reports that the blogger could be killed, but at that time it was not confirmed.

Tumsa Abdurakhmanov left Chechnya in 2015 after a conflict with the then head of Chechnya's government administration,

Islam Kadyrov


Abdurakhmanov did not miss his motorcade and was stopped.

The official inspected Tumso's phone and allegedly found extremist material in it.

After that, according to Abdurakhmanov, he was repeatedly held by force in Islam Kadyrov's house and threatened.

Abdurakhmanov tried to get asylum in Georgia and Poland, but in both cases he was refused.

In March 2019, the speaker of the Chechen parliament,

Magomed Daudov

, nicknamed Lord, announced blood revenge against the blogger and promised to find him.

Before that, Abdurakhmanov wondered why Akhmat Kadyrov called for war with Russia at the time.

“When he was mufti, he called for jihad against [Russia], and at the beginning of the second war he was a nobody - he was a traitor to the Chechen people.

I despise the memory of Akhmat-haji Kadyrov.

This is my right," said the blogger.