was flooded by "SCB X Group", canceling an investment worth more than 17,850 million baht in "Bitkub Online Co., Ltd." (Bitkub Online Co., Ltd.) after a protracted stock trading process for more than 10 months (Nov. 2021-Aug. 2022)

News of Top-Jirayut Sapsrisopha

The founder and CEO of Bitkub Capital Holdings Limited also seems to be fading away.

along with digital asset prices

Cryptocurrencies in the Abyss

His appearance on November 29, 2022 as a keynote speaker at the "Thailand 4.0 Thailand Beyond Thinking" seminar organized by the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (DES) was exciting. more

It can be confirmed from the number of attendees that fill the space of the Vibhavadi Ballroom.

Centara Hotel Ladprao

Jirayut, who gave a special lecture on the topic “Career Trends to Meet the Future World”, told the audience that

Assorted world economic problems

Since the price of goods is expensive, inflation increases.

Russo-Ukrainian War

and a power showdown between the United States and China.

which affects the production chain or supply chain around the world is a perfect storm (big storm)

When 40% of the world's GDP comes from inter-purchasing

If any country enters a recession

It will inevitably affect other countries' economies.

before revealing which career trends meet the future world's needs

he suggests that

Next year will be tough.

Everyone has to keep their cash.

Don't use unnecessary things.

“As I had the opportunity to attend the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos.

Switzerland as of May 2022, almost all CEOs don't have a roadmap or action plan for 2023. They skipped talking about a roadmap for 2024 where global inflation is likely to rise. down to a acceptable level of 2%.”

Signs of a global interest rate hike

It reflects the need to pull cash out of the system.

In short, what both individuals and companies have to do is

1. Keep as much cash as possible.

Don't borrow to buy a house.

Don't borrow a car

Don't make risky investments.

2. Don't spend unnecessary money.

Must delay spending as long as possible (Delay Consumption) and wait to survive until 2024, at which point global inflation is likely to decline.

In the midst of the Perfect Storm, if looking for opportunity, he sees in 4 main streams: 1. Diversity 2. Must leave no one behind (Inclusion) 3. Opportunity for everyone (Fairness) 4. Sustainability

(Sustainable) Describes in general that businesses that support gender diversity, ideas, etc. provide opportunities for women to grow in management or careers that used to be male, such as engineers, as well as giving equal importance to employees in all departments.

Non-discrimination and sustainable business

not destroy the global environment

They are all keys to the future.

From the 4 main streams that

leading to a glorious career trend Jirayut Funthong is a business that meets sustainability needs.

Which comes with the popular words of the new economic model "BCG" or Bio-Circular-Green Economy (Bio-Circular Economy-Green Economy). The first trend is Climate Tech or environmental technology companies.

which will create a trillionaire

(The world's first Trillionaire)

“Now we see Elon Musk, the founder of electric cars Tesla (Tesla), become a billionaire within a few years.

I predict that in the next era, Climate Tech will make us the world's first trillionaire.”

Aside from Climate Tech, the next thriving trend is green food.

Whether it's artificial food, lab-grown meat, because food production

Raising animals is a very environmentally destructive process.

With the global population reaching 8 billion in November 2022 and an increase of 1 billion every 10 years, humanity needs to find new food options.

that does not destroy the environment

When synthetic food tastes close to real food

There will be a turning point immediately.

for Thailand

Jirayu thinks that the development of rice cultivation does not emit methane gas.

which produces greenhouse gases

It will help Thai rice to be sold at a higher price in the future.

He also thinks that studying the environment or the Faculty of the Environment will become as important as studying business.

in all crises

There are still good stories

As the whole world turns towards ASEAN from 2024-2034, ASEAN will enter the Golden Age.

Capital will flow in.

ASEAN will become the world's supply chain, which Indonesia has announced that it will be a center of sustainability (Sustainable Hub).

No chance of survival.

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