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The extraordinary regular meeting of the local Water and Sewerage Association in Burgas will be on December 8 (Thursday) 2022.

Invitations have been sent to all mayors of municipalities in the Burgas region.

The meeting will start at 10:30 a.m. in the building of the Regional Administration - Burgas.

Three items are included in the agenda, first of all the members will consider the recommended amount of the state contribution to the budget of the Plumbing Association for the next year.

According to the plan account, the funds provided by the budget of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works are BGN 25,000, and those from the municipal administrations over BGN 46,000, an inspection by BTA showed.

The Association's budget does not include funds from donors, international financial institutions, funds or programs.

The contributions of the municipalities are calculated on the basis of the number of population, with the Municipality of Burgas having to contribute the most funds to the coffers of the organization - about BGN 23,000, and the Municipality of Malko Tarnovo the least - only BGN 342. 

The second item on the agenda is the discussion and coordination of the environmental protection program for the period 2021-2025 and the waste management program of Water Supply and Sewerage EAD Burgas.

Other issues will be discussed in item three of the agenda of the extraordinary meeting.

Then the debates on the revised investment program of the Burgas Waterworks are expected, with which specific measures should be proposed for a new, lower price per cubic meter of water in Burgas. 

BTA recalls that the local water supply company was given a deadline of September 5 this year to prepare and send to the mayors of all 13 municipalities in the region a corrected investment plan with clear proposals for reducing the price of water, which is almost BGN 4.30 with VAT per cubic meter from August 1 - a price that was proposed by the water company and accepted by the energy regulator.

At the beginning of August, mayors and representatives of Burgas Waterworks agreed on the corrections, on the basis of which a new request to update the prices for end users will be submitted to the Commission for Energy and Water Regulation.

During the meeting, the director of Burgas Waterworks, Eng. Gancho Tenev, announced that it is possible that the price of a cubic meter of water in Burgas will be even higher (BGN 4.30 per cubic meter), if the prices of goods, electricity and fuels.

The increase in the price of water in the district was justified by the local water supply company mainly with the future investments laid down in the investment plan, which provide for the connection of the Poroy and Aheloy dams to the main water transmission network.

The plans are to use the two reservoirs as an alternative in a crisis situation and low levels of the main dams "Kamchia" and "Yasna Polyana". 

Until now, only a part of the municipalities in the district have sent their opinion on the changes in the investment program proposed by "Vik Burgas" EAD, a BTA report showed, which means that the discussion about the price of water in Burgas can be postponed for one of the the next meetings of the Association. 

Water in Pernik is expected to increase in price by 30%