Hsinchu Bus Zhongping Line was suspended to impact elders and students, and the office temporarily responded with community buses.

(Photo by reporter Cai Zhengmin)

[Reporter Cai Zhengmin/Miaoli Report] In recent years, due to the impact of the epidemic, the number of passenger trains has been reduced in order to maintain the operation of the passenger transport company. Many students who go to study in Miaoli City are currently being connected by community buses at the township office.

Xie Changnian, mayor of Tongluo Township, pointed out that many people who go to the urban area to buy vegetables, see a doctor, or go to school cannot catch up with the passenger transport. The township office dispatched community buses to replace the connection. For the Zhongping Village line where the passenger transport in Hsinchu was suspended, additional buses were opened every morning and evening. 2 shifts.

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Xie Changnian said that Hsinchu Passenger Transport has been affected by long-term losses, so it has to respond by suspending operations and reducing shifts. In addition to reducing shifts on the Zhongping Line, the Jilong Road Section will also go into history in the future, causing great inconvenience to the people and students who rely on passenger transport for commuting. To solve the commuting problem, the township office has also proposed a happy bus plan to the General Administration of Highways.

The passenger transportation company explained to the Tongluo Township Office that the current subsidy for passenger transport per kilometer is only more than 40 yuan, but it actually needs 60 yuan to make up for the loss. Before finding a solution, the township office can only dispatch community buses at present. The public can help Plus use.

The Miaoli Passenger Transport Company has reduced a total of 23 trains and adjusted the schedule of 20 trains in the densely populated Toufen and Zhunan areas of Miao County. The main reason is that the virus is highly contagious and makes passengers afraid to take it. There are very few passengers on each train. Let the passenger transport company bear the loss.