A pro-Russian Ukrainian priest who was caught lying in bed with an underage man in the church and whose computer was found to contain child pornography was promoted to the new bishop today.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Ukrainian priest Archimandrite Nikita was found lying on the same bed with an underage man in a recent raid, and his computer was also found to be full of child pornography videos. Multiple pro-Russian evidence was also found.

However, the priest was officially promoted to bishop today (5th), and he completely denied having shared a bed with an underage man.

According to the "Daily Star" report, the Ukrainian National Security Agency (SBU) searched Nikita's residence at the end of November and found the priest lying on the bed with an underage man in the church choir. The National Security Agency was surprised to see children when checking the computer. Porn movie.

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It is reported that this search is an anti-espionage operation launched by Ukraine. The SBU stated that the purpose of this operation is to combat the espionage of Russian special forces in Ukraine, and the target of the search is Nikita.

After the incident, Nikita claimed that "he was framed" because the church had contacted Russia.

However, the Ukrainian National Security Agency also collected emails between Nikita and Moscow, asking Nikita's church to assist Russia in a large-scale invasion, and even ordered Ukrainian priests to deny Russia's military invasion; Nikita's residence also praised Russia. Authorities, Kremlin literature calling for support for Russia's military campaign against Ukraine.

In the Chernivtsi-Bukovina diocese found a computer with child pornography. The materials were not downloaded from the Internet, but filmed on a camera.

Preliminarily, the criminal case involved Metropolitan Meletiy and Archimandrite Nikita, who was caught in bed with a minor. pic .twitter.com/nrlihNwiH2

— NEXTA (@nexta_tv) December 3, 2022