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According to Kiril Petkov, what happened at the "Captain Andreevo" checkpoint is one of the reasons why we are not in Schengen, and the case against the laboratory is being sabotaged.

From "We continue the change" they submit a signal to DANS.

According to the party,

specific employees

of the Food Safety Agency are

interfering with the state's case against the private laboratory

of the "Captain Andreevo" checkpoint.

We remind you that this story started from the state's attempt to regain the phytosanitary control of the border, which the old management of the Food Agency gave to the private company Eurolab. 

PP: We file a report with the State Security Service against the mafia in the BABH


They released the head of BABH


President Rumen Radev handed the first exploratory mandate to form a government to the candidate for Prime Minister Nikolay Gabrovski, nominated by the largest parliamentary group in the 48th National Assembly - that of GERB-SDS.

Prof. Nikolay Gabrovski is the nomination of GERB for Prime Minister, he accepted the mandate from Radev


"We are looking for a change in the political tone, we will look for a dialogue with absolutely everyone."

Prof. Dr. Gabrovski with his first words after handing over the exploratory mandate for GERB cabinet


Who is Prof. Dr. Nikolay Gabrovski


One person died in the shelling of Kryvyi Rih.

This was announced by the governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region Valentin Reznichenko, quoted by the Russian service of the BBC.

The city is the birthplace of President Zelensky. 

One person died in the shelling of Kryvyi Rih


Semeru Volcano in Lumajang County in East Java Province spewed thick ash columns more than 1,500 meters high on Sunday.

Villages and nearby towns were covered in falling ash, blocking out the sun, but no casualties were reported, the Associated Press reported.

Volcano in Indonesia buries homes and roads


Turkey is celebrating today the 88th anniversary since Turkish women received the right to vote and be elected in parliamentary elections, years before a number of European countries such as France gave the same right to their citizens, reports the Turkish television TRT Haber.

Turkey marks 88 years since women's right to vote