The Democratic Progressive Party Group of the Legislative Yuan held a press conference yesterday, and will propose the "Draft Amendment to the Law on the Election and Recall of Public Officials." In the future, those involved in "black, gold, guns, and drugs" will not be allowed to register as candidates.

(Photographed by reporter Luo Peide)

[Reporters Chen Yufu and Chen Yun/Report from Taipei] The by-election of the legislators of Taipei's third constituency is about to start, but the Kuomintang candidate Wang Hongwei and the Kuomintang are attacking the DPP candidate Wu Yinong for the underworld.

Legislators of the Democratic Progressive Party have questioned that many of the KMT’s local party chiefs and Central Standing Committee members have underworld backgrounds. It is even more involved in the murder of the police, and the local factions are full of shadows. Doesn't the KMT Central Committee need to suppress the gangsters?

Choke the Kuomintang to go back first to check whether there is "filth and evil practices" inside

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Democratic Progressive Party Taipei City Councilor Liang Wenjie pointed out that there are so many political figures in the KMT who used to be gangsters, everyone can come and ask one of them every day. Starting from him, the KMT Hsinchu City Councilor Xu Xiurui was Xu Binghua, who was once the leader of the Sea Breeze Hall of the Four Seas Gang. Changed the name twice.

The Democratic Progressive Party’s Facebook said yesterday that Xu Xiurui, who is also the chairman of the Hsinchu City Party Committee of the Kuomintang, had threatened manufacturers and was sentenced. Into the homicide case and so on.

Lai Ruilong, chairman and legislator of the Democratic Progressive Party's Central Evaluation Committee, was interviewed and criticized. The people of Taiwan know that the Kuomintang has combined with underworld forces and factions to control local politics; To attack and smear underworld issues, you should first go back and check whether there are "filth and evil practices" inside.

Lai said that if the chairman of the Kuomintang, Chu Li-lun, wants to reform sincerely, he should jointly support the revision of the law to curb the involvement of gangsters in politics.

DPP Legislator Zhang Liao Wanjian criticized that the Kuomintang elections do not discuss public issues, use two sets of standards to focus on underworld, and ignore a bunch of people with underworld backgrounds in the Kuomintang.

Now that the Kuomintang is going to start talking about gangsters, in the future, if there is an election, a strike, and a revision of the law to eliminate gangsters, the Kuomintang party program and rules should also adopt stricter standards, and don't just use election dung or double standards.

DPP spokesperson Xie Zihan questioned, if according to Wang Hongwei's logic, the KMT has many people who have been disciplined, involved in organized crimes, and have been involved in police killings as members of the Central Standing Committee, or were nominated by the party chairman Zhu Lilun as local party members Wang Hongwei, the chairman of the Ministry, turned a blind eye. Wouldn't he become a fig leaf for the Kuomintang to blacken?

Xie Zihan said that after graduating from the Department of Economics of Yale University in the United States, Wu Yinong worked as an investment professional manager in a well-known company. Wei Shi is a puppet of the underworld, and Wang's way of labeling is standard smearing.