Tuesday, November 29, 2022. Open the skies to the world and write about the European Union (EU). If the EU is not happy with the Congress not voting that Russia is a state sponsor of terrorism, the

United States says that you, the EU, will announce and invite. announced

However, under US law, Russia's actions do not qualify as a state sponsor of terrorism.

The EU is so angry that their mouths tremble.

said that the United States took advantage

EU sanctions on Russian energy

But the US sold oil and gas to the EU four times more than it was sold in the US after the EU followed the US's advice by depleting its arms stockpile to Ukraine.

The EU has to buy weapons from the United States to replenish their own inventory.

The United States can only have

On Monday 5 December 2022, the European Commission President Ursula Gertrude von der Leyen announced that over 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers had died and over 20,000 civilians had died. As soon as the statement is complete

Ursula was pressured by the United States to remove the figure from both oral and textual statements posted on the European Commission's official website.

The Ukrainian military commander said in August 2022 that only 9,000 Ukrainian soldiers had died. When European Commission President Ursula announced in November that the death toll exceeded 100,000, an adviser to the Ukrainian president countered the news.

by saying that only 10,000 died

But when he made a statement, he said that he had died 1.3 ten thousand, listened to the Ukrainian side and was confused and confused.

Relations between the US and the EU are shaky.

The EU sees that the United States treats EU countries as subordinates.

Pointing the finger at the EU to do this and that

After European Commission President Ursula was beaten in the mouth by the United States the day before, European Council President Charles Michel today expressed his frustration at the United States over its purchase of gas and oil from the United States in the US. price is too high

The President of the European Council said

The war had little impact on the United States.

but severely affecting the European Union

“The US exports energy.

This makes it possible to benefit from rising gas and oil prices.

As for the EU, it has to face an economic recession.

“Aside from the European industrial sector having to pay more for energy.

We still have to face competition with the United States.”

The words 'treachery', 'treachery' are now beginning to appear in questions asked by journalists on the EU side.

I'm asking this because President Biden issued the Inflation Reduction Act (the law that reduces inflation), the US subsidizes and reduces taxes on green businesses.

To pull businesses to flee from the European Union to settle in the United States.

for businesses to move to the United States

Because energy costs in the US are much cheaper than in Europe.

December 3, 2022: The President of the European Council tells reporters of Italy's Correa della Sera that he is not used to it.

(meaning betrayal) and stressed, "I want to see other behavior of the United States."

The U.S. government is solely focused on its own economic interests.”

President's Speech

as if confessing that the EU was tricked by the United States to support Ukraine

Attacking Russia to halt Russia's growth

US uses EU to support war

But the US takes advantage of the EU in every way.

Read the news and feel very sorry for the President of the Council of Europe.

I listened to you and tears flowed.

It takes 3-4 cloths to wipe away tears. Jar is dedicated to working for the United States.

Is this the kindness of the United States, brother?

Politico, a well-known US political news website, wrote:

The EU is angry with the US government for profiting from the war in Ukraine.

“The United States is trying to profit from the conflict in order to gain the greatest benefit to the United States.”

The Russo-Ukrainian war lasted until the 10th month, and the European Union just realized that it was used by the United States. Oh, the feeling is so slow.

Nitikarun Mingruchiralai