The wind farm is located in Changhua Fangyuan's Yongxing marine land breeding area and inland farmland. It is expected to install 27 wind turbines, including 24 in Haipu and 3 in farmland.

(taken from the EIA document)

[Reporter Chen Jiayi/Report from Taipei] Changhua Fangyuan area has good wind farm conditions, attracting many wind power operators to install wind turbines here.

Today (5) the Environmental Protection Agency conducts a preliminary review by the Environmental Assessment Task Force for Onshore Wind Power in the Fangyuan area.

However, the Environmental Protection Committee believes that the site where the wind farm is located is an important habitat for the great curlew, which may impact the local bird ecology. It is also necessary to clarify the impact of the wind farm development on the surrounding fisheries and requires that it must be corrected and re-examined.

The developer stated that Changhua Fangyuan area has good wind farm conditions. In order to avoid the burden on the environment caused by the individual development of manufacturers, manufacturers who want to develop wind power in Fangyuan area were integrated, and Lineng Power Company and Xingtai Wind Power Company were established to jointly plan "Fangyuan Yuan area land area wind power development plan".

The wind farm is located in Changhua Fangyuan's Yongxing marine land breeding area and inland farmland. It is expected to install 27 wind turbines, including 24 in Haipu and 3 in farmland. The total annual power generation is estimated to be about 260 million to 307 million kilowatt-hours.

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However, some wind turbines are located in Changhua Fangyuan Wetland, which is an important habitat for wild birds.

The Changhua County government stated that in addition to the black-faced spoonbill and other protected bird records in this area, it is also the habitat of the third-level protected bird, the great curlew. It has important habitat value, and the development unit should avoid the feasibility of this site.

Wu Huijun, director of the Environmental Protection Alliance of Changhua County, said bluntly that the installation of wind turbines has a great impact on birds, and the most serious may cause the loss of habitat. "There are already many places in Changhua where wind turbines are plugged in, and there are almost no places for birds to forage and rest."

In this regard, the Environmental Protection Committee also requires that in order to prevent birds from being involved in the wind turbine blades when flying, the development unit should investigate the number of birds that may pass within the sweeping range of the wind turbine blades based on the bird radar monitoring data, assess the risk of bird impact, and review the number and location of wind turbine configurations .

The distance between the fan blades should also be at least 350 meters.

In terms of fish farming, the representative of the Council of Agriculture mentioned that the development unit should supplement the possible impact of this development plan on the adjacent aquaculture fisheries such as Meretrix meretrix, and investigate the impact of the development plan on the production and survival rate of cultured species; the development unit should also Proper communication with local fishermen should be made to reduce unnecessary disputes.

In addition, in view of the previous incidents of fan oil leakage affecting surrounding fish farms, it is also hoped that the development unit can formulate relevant countermeasures.

In addition, because the development scope of the wind farm is an area with high soil liquefaction potential, the environmental protection committee requires that the development unit should check the rationality of the basic design data related to the wind turbine installation, such as pile diameter, pile length, etc., and strengthen the description of the wind turbine installation construction method and safety. Protective measures, and develop emergency contingency plans in case of natural disasters.

Finally, after discussion by the Environmental Protection Committee, the case must be supplemented with relevant materials and will be retried later.