Qiu Nan was robbed of 5.82 million cash by gunmen at the intersection of Fuchang Street and Nanqing Road in Luzhu District. The "case type" on the certificate of acceptance of the case by the Luzhu Police turned out to be "robbery" instead of "robber" , Qiu Nan thought that the police were caught.

(Photographed by reporter Chen Enhui)

[Reporter Chen Enhui/Taoyuan Report] Taoyuan City Luzhu Police Station was questioned by the victim of the robbery case for "changing a major case into a small case", and the robbery case was written as a robbery case in the report form.

He Zushun, a former prosecutor of Taiwan's High Prosecutor's Office and the chief prosecutor of Shilin District Prosecutor's Office, is currently a lawyer at Joyoung Law Firm. Item 1, the constitutive element of the crime of snatching is the intent to snatch other people's chattels for oneself or a third party's illegal possession; the crime of robbery in Paragraph 1 of Article 328 of the Criminal Law is to use violence, coercion, drugs, hypnosis, etc. Obtaining property by coercive means, as long as it is sufficient to depress the victim's body or psychology, making the person irresistible and forcibly taking property constitutes this crime.

He Zushun said that the crime of robbery is divided into ordinary robbery and aggravated robbery. Three or more people committing robbery in gangs or committing robbery with weapons are all aggravated robbery crimes.

The crime of snatching is a fixed-term imprisonment of not less than six months but not more than five years.

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The police said that robbery and robbery are both listed as major control incidents, but in terms of public order in the jurisdiction, robbery is the next level to stronger robbers.

People in the legal circle said that robbery and robber cases are very different in the calculation of police criminal case scores. It may be the end of the year, and the police changed robbery cases to robbery cases for public security performance evaluation, so as to reduce the pressure of handling cases.

Common tactics: Tricks of the trade

People in the police circle said that the most common method is to take the crime with skill, or use the big to report the small. The legality of some crimes is like a thin line. Injuring someone with a bat or other objects in order to escape becomes a robbery case, but when the police accept it, it is often classified as a theft case, but when the case is solved, it is automatically charged as a robbery crime.

In addition, the basic technique used by many policemen in accepting reports is to push. If the informant makes a report outside the area, the police often carry the informant to see the scene. When they find out that it is under their jurisdiction, they contact the police station of the branch on the spot to pick up the informant and go back to accept the case.