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[Reporter Wen Yude/Taipei Report] Investigator Zuo Hu Shihao (has been suspended) from the Neihu Branch of the Taipei City Police Department cheated a poisonous surname Lin into paying 200,000 yuan for "Joe's affairs fee" the year before last to avoid entering the facility for observation and rehabilitation. Lin Nan gave the money Later, he was still wanted and detained, and he reported it angrily.

In the first trial, Hu Nan was sentenced to 3 years and 6 months in prison for corruption; in the second trial, considering that he had reached a settlement, and had received awards and credits nearly 600 times, the sentence was reduced and changed to 2 years, with a suspended sentence of 5 years; after the appeal, the Supreme Court maintained the opinion of the second trial on the sentencing part , Only the part of the deprivation of public rights was commuted to one year, participated in 10 legal education sessions, and the whole case was finalized.

The 31-year-old Hu Nan graduated from the 29th term of the Police College. In October 2012, he was assigned to serve in the Neihu Branch Police Force. After being transferred to the Neihu Police Station, he was transferred to the Neihu Branch Investigation Team in 2019.

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On July 21, 2020, Hu Nan took a search ticket to the residence of a poisonous insect named Lin to search, and the two later added LINE to contact each other; in January 2021, Lin Nan received a notice of rehab from Drug Watch, and asked Hu Nan, "Can you use Only fine money, no rehab?" Hu Nan found out that Lin Nan didn't understand the law, and lied: "It can be dealt with, but the higher-ups will only help if there are benefits to it", Lin Nan agreed.

On February 3, 2021, the two met at a coffee shop on Wenhua Road, Sanxia District, New Taipei City. Lin Nan handed over 200,000 yuan, but Hu Nan lied again: "The matter is finished, 50,000 yuan to the superior, and 40,000 yuan for dinner." ", Lin Nan replied: "Just return my 90,000 yuan", but Hu Nan only returned 15,000 yuan.

It was not until March 24 this year that Lin Nan was arrested by the Three Gorges Sub-bureau as a wanted criminal, that he realized that he had been deceived, and after the rehab was completed, he reported Hu Nan.

The Shilin District Prosecutor's Office considered that Hu Nan pleaded guilty and confiscated 200,000 yuan of illegal gains when prosecuting, and suggested that the court should give a lighter sentence.

During the court hearing, Hu Nan pleaded guilty to all the crimes and explained that he had to pay 50,000 yuan in mortgages every month due to the pressure of tens of millions of mortgages. In addition, his family was born with a disease, and the financial burden of the whole family fell on him, so he knew that he broke the law. Work as a delivery man to support the family.

The Shilin District Court of the first instance held that Hu Nan had been a police officer for many years, and he should have known that civil servants must be honest and self-respecting, but he committed corruption crimes, and the prosecution avoided the most important ones at the beginning of the investigation. , Sentenced to 3 years and 6 months in prison for the crime of embezzlement by civil servants taking advantage of their positions to defraud property.

The second-instance high court pointed out that Hu Nan had returned 15,000 yuan to Lin Nan before the prosecutor found out, and automatically returned 200,000 yuan during the investigation by the prosecutor, and paid 50,000 yuan to Lin Nan in the first instance to reach a settlement. , and then returned Lin Nan 150,000 yuan in the first-instance judgment, and a total of 215,000 yuan was returned to Lin Nan, which has exceeded the amount he defrauded.

The second trial also pointed out that Lin Nan was willing to the court to give Hu Nan a lighter sentence and a chance of probation, and considered that since Hu Nan joined the police force in 2012 and was suspended in September 2021, he had only received 5 reprimands and 577 awards. , 15 times of meritorious service, and at the same time considering his family situation, the first-instance judgment was revoked, the sentence was reduced and commuted to 2 years, and the sentence was suspended for 5 years.

After the case was appealed, the Supreme Court maintained the opinion of the second instance on the sentencing part, and only changed the sentence for one year for the part that did not deprive of public rights. He participated in 10 legal education sessions, and the whole case was finalized.

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