Waldemar Andzel, chairman of the Poland-Taiwan Parliamentary Group, led a cross-party delegation of 9 members to visit Taiwan from December 5th to 9th.

(The picture is provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

[Reporter Lu Yixuan/Taipei Report] Politicians from various countries visited Taiwan intensively. Waldemar Andzel, chairman of Poland's "Poland-Taiwan Congressional Group", led a cross-party delegation to Taiwan. A group of 9 members, including 8 members of the Polish cross-party House of Representatives, visited Taiwan from December 5th to 9th.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a press release today to express its sincere welcome. In addition, Foreign Minister Wu Zhaoxie will present the Medal of Diplomatic Friendship to Chairman An Zou.

Taiwan has close exchanges with the Polish parliament.

Legislative President You Xikun met with Chairman An Zou during his transit in Poland in July this year, and invited a delegation from the Polish Congress to visit Taiwan; Lin Jingyi, president of the "Taiwan-Poland Congress Friendship Association" of the Legislative Yuan, also led a delegation to visit Poland in June this year and met with Polish senators. The leaders of the two houses met and exchanged views with friendly Taiwan lawmakers, and learned about my country's promotion of humanitarian assistance in Poland and assistance in resettling Ukrainian refugees.

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The chairman of the "Bo-Taiwan Congressional Group" An Zou led a delegation to visit Taiwan. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that during the visit in Taiwan, the delegation will call on the Legislative Yuan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Development Council, the Mainland Affairs Council, etc., and accept the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Visit Hsinchu Science Park, Semiconductor Center, Space Center, Palace Museum, Taipei 101 and other facilities to learn more about various developments in our country so as to promote Taiwan-Poland exchanges and bilateral cooperation.

The delegation to the Polish Congress included the head of the delegation, Chairman Anzou, and the three vice-chairmen of the "Poland Congress Group", Violetta Porowska, Jerzy Polaczek, and Cezary Grabarczyk, And 4 members of the House of Representatives Jarosław Krajewski, Dobromir Sośnierz, Agnieszka Soin, and Bożena Żelazowska.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that this year coincides with the 30th anniversary of my country's official establishment in Poland, and the delegation's visit to Taiwan is of great significance.

Chairman Anzou has made great contributions to the promotion of bilateral relations between Taiwan and Poland over the years. Our country will present the Diplomatic Friendship Medal in recognition of his outstanding contribution to Taiwan-Poland relations.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also pointed out that in recent years, Taiwan and Poland have successively signed bilateral agreements on vacation work, aviation, test-free interchange of driver's licenses, avoidance of double taxation, cooperation in science and higher education, and mutual assistance in criminal justice; in July this year, the Polish Senate Foreign Affairs and European Affairs Committee and The Health Committee held a joint meeting and passed a resolution supporting my country's participation in the WHO; during the outbreak of pneumonia in Wuhan, Poland donated 400,000 doses of vaccines to Taiwan to help Taiwan fight the epidemic; Displaced Ukrainian refugees.

In the future, the two countries will continue to strengthen cooperation in various fields and deepen a resilient and close partnership on the basis of the existing good interactions and exchanges.