Waldemar Andzel, chairman of the Poland-Taiwan Parliamentary Group, led a cross-party delegation of 9 members to visit Taiwan from December 5th to 9th.

(Provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

[Reporter Chen Yun/Taipei Report] Waldemar Andzel, chairman of the "Poland-Taiwan Congress Group" of the Polish House of Representatives, led a delegation to Taiwan today, starting a five-day visit to December 9.

Presidential Palace Spokesperson Zhang Dunhan said that the Presidential Palace sincerely welcomes the delegation. President Tsai will meet the visiting delegation in the Presidential Palace tomorrow morning and exchange views in depth on the fields of economy, trade, science and technology, and education.

Zhang Dunhan explained that the "Botai Congressional Group" currently has 93 members and is an important force that firmly supports Taiwan. This trip is also Chairman Anzou's third visit to Taiwan. The members of the delegation include: Vice Chairman Borowska (Violetta Porowska), Vice Chairman Polaczek (Jerzy Polaczek), Vice Chairman Grabarczyk (Cezary Grabarczyk) and other three cross-party vice chairmen; There are 3 MPs including Dobromir Sośnierz and Agnieszka Soin, a total of 7 cross-party members.

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Zhang Dunhan said that in recent years, Poland and Taiwan have had close and profound exchanges between the Congresses, and all walks of life in Poland have firmly supported Taiwan's international participation.

In particular, when the world was deeply affected by the epidemic in September 2021, the strong support of Chairman An Zou and members of the "Poland-Taiwan Congressional Group" led to Poland donating 400,000 doses of AZ vaccine to Taiwan; Express sincere thanks.

Zhang Tunhan said that Taiwan and Poland are democratic partners who share universal values, and deepening cooperation links with Central and Eastern European countries is also the current focus of Taiwan's development of relations with Europe.

It is hoped that through this face-to-face exchange, the two sides will further promote cooperation and exchanges in various fields, make the Taiwan-Poland democratic partnership closer, and continue to work together to strengthen the resilience of global democracy.