If the Armed Forces continue active operations this winter, it will allow them to maintain the initiative and dynamics of operational success at the front.

Analysts of the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW)


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Experts point out that the main part of the successes of the Ukrainian troops remains successive counteroffensive operations.

ISW analysts noted that the Ukrainian operational command has repeatedly proven its outstanding command skills and knowledge of the operational art of Soviet-style armies.

The Ukrainian command is developing its tactics in order to inflict a series of blows on the Russians, conducting operations to liberate the territory and inflict defeats on the Russians at the front.

"Weather conditions in the winter of 2023 are likely to determine the time frame during which Ukraine will be able to conduct maneuver warfare and continue a series of operational successes with minimal pauses," the ISW report says.

Analysts believe that the forecast of the US intelligence that in the spring there will be better conditions for the continuation of the war is wrong.

Despite worsening weather conditions, the Ukrainians and Russians continue to conduct offensive operations on separate areas of the front.

The Ukrainian military will be able to use the weather conditions to their advantage when severe frosts hit at the end of December.

Winter is usually the best season for mechanized warfare in Ukraine, while spring is a nightmare season, experts say.

It will be recalled that earlier the Director of National Intelligence of the USA, Avril Haynes, stated that the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin

may reduce the goals of his "special operation" in order to return to them later


In addition, we previously reported that analysts from the Institute for the Study of War believe that 

Putin will probably continue the war next year

 and try to create conditions for the end of Western support for Ukraine.

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