"Bulgarian border guards shot me at the border with Turkey," said 19-year-old Syrian Abdullah al-Rustum, Sky News reported.

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"According to his words, the incident happened on October 3, when he and other people tried to illegally enter the European Union member. He was shot in the arm and chest, and fell after receiving the injuries," the British media added.

"A green bus appeared, there were border guards in it. They first shot in the air and then on the ground in front of us," the Syrian said.

"Why are you doing this?" we started shouting.

However, they opened fire on us and wanted to kill us," he added.

"The Syrian also accused the Bulgarian border police of not searching the women, but groping them," the British media added.

He added that border guards have seized mobile phones from migrants.

"Bulgarian police officers told how migrants attacked them with stones, and in one such incident one of their colleagues was injured," Skynews also pointed out.

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