The Legislative Yuan's Judiciary and Legal Affairs, Education and Culture Committee's joint meeting passed the "National Sports Science Center Establishment Bill" for the first time today.

(Photographed by reporter Xie Junlin)

[Reporter Xie Junlin/Taipei Report] The joint meeting of the Judiciary and Legal System, Education and Culture Committee of the Legislative Yuan passed the first review today (5) of the "National Sports Science Center Establishment Bill", which stipulates that the center is an administrative legal person, and the supervisory authority is the Ministry of Education Handle the training of national excellent athletes, sports science support services required for competitions, etc., hoping to strive for international competition success for Taiwan.

The whole case still has to be handed over to the party group for negotiation.

The Ministry of Education pointed out in a written report that in view of the excellent performance of athletes in international sports competitions, in addition to the active participation of coaches and athletes in improving their competitive strength, sports science and logistics support also play an important role. People from all walks of life hope that Taiwan can refer to advanced countries and establish a national sports The specialized agency of science will expand sports science to support the training and competition ability of national elite athletes, etc., and strive for good performance in international competitions for Taiwan. Therefore, a draft legislation is proposed.

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According to the provisions of the preliminary review, in order to promote the research and application of sports science and enhance the competitiveness of international sports, the "Sports Science Center" is specially established; its business scope includes: handling the training of national outstanding athletes, sports science support services required for competitions, health management and medical treatment Nursing care; collection, analysis and support of information on international sports events; promotion of sports science research; research and development, technology transfer and value-added applications of sports technology.

In addition, the Sports Science Center also promotes cooperation and exchanges between domestic and foreign sports science research institutions, assists in the planning and training of sports science professionals, and other sports science-related businesses.

The provisions of the preliminary review also clearly stipulate that the transportation science center has a board of directors with 11 to 15 directors, and the term of office of directors and supervisors is 4 years, and they can be re-appointed once after the expiration of the term, but the number of re-appointed members should not exceed 2/3 of the total number of people, and should not be less than 1/3. 3.

In addition, the Yunke Center has a chairman, who will be appointed by the executive director from among the directors of the Ministry of Education. The age of the first chairman shall not exceed 65 years old, and those who reach the age of 70 before the expiration of the term of office shall be replaced immediately.

The chairman, directors, executive supervisors and supervisors of Yunke Center are all unpaid.

As for the sources of funding for the Sports Science Center, the provisions of the preliminary review stipulate that they are sports lottery issuance surplus obtained by the Sports Development Fund, or other government budget appropriations, donations, and subsidies; domestic and foreign public and private institutions, groups, and individuals; entrusted research and provision service revenue, etc.