Politics has no true friends and permanent enemies.

The person who becomes the supreme leader of the country

The higher it is, the colder it is that General Prayut Chan-o-cha will decide to join political parties with the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party of Peeraphan Saliratwiphak.

The composition, both structure and personnel, is the party of Gen. Prayut.

Not a scaffolding party as they say

The point is exactly that.

In what way will he join Ruam Thai Sang Chart?

and there will be political groups

Which political party is following along with

General Prayut in the end

Focus on General Prayut and the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party

Assuming Gen. Prayut announced the clarity before December 24 to arrive.

in the event that there will be no problems with the election

Working with the Pracharat Palang Pracharath Party, which has Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan as the party leader, will have problems.

can no longer work in tandem with both parties

You will find charges of dominance in political parties. Later, Ruam Thai Sang Chart has no MPs at all, meaning that Gen. Prayut does not have any support in the House of Representatives.

Will go and hope to rely on other coalition parties like Bhumjaithai, how much can they be trusted?

Gen. Prayut will immediately float in the House of Representatives.

An emergency has occurred.

General Prayuth will use his power to dissolve parliament.

The Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party is not yet ready to vote.

and that the political groups began to hesitate whether they would follow General Prayuth to join with the Thai Union to build a nation or not.

depending on the condition that

Will Thais Sang Chat get 25 MPs coming in or not?

General Prayut

joining Thais to create a nation because they hope that

General Prayut will return as Prime Minister

At least two more years

Different people hugged each other back and forth, refusing to make a decision, claiming to wait for new information.

Another point that will be an important crux is

being Prime Minister of

Gen. Prayuth has less than 2 years of constitutional time left, and who will be the next Prime Minister in the remaining time?

This question must also be answered.

Otherwise, people will hesitate in deciding to elect Gen Prayut, even though there will definitely be a 250-vote senator in the House of Representatives.

But there wasn't much time left to form a federal government term.

Got messy as a pot scrubber

Except that the Prime Minister's constitution will be amended for 8 years or Gen. Prayut will no longer be Prime Minister.

Under two ballot papers divided by 100, if the big question is

The land slide of Pheu Thai

Become a majority political party

that Pheu Thai will join hands with

General Prayuth set up a government and made Gen Prayuth become prime minister before half term.

Probably a big deal and a very small possibility.

because of the political conditions that underpin

Finally, I had to hug my neck.

former ruling party

together to form the next government

The more you give it to go hand in hand with the far distance, it will become a bulletproof district on both sides.

If the combined parties do not reach 200, they do not see the opportunity to become a government.

It is therefore an opportunity to glance at the Pracharat power and Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, who will have to grit their teeth.

MPs in hand, more than 25 seats.

Thai politics today, whether directly or indirectly, will only meet a dead end.

iron fist