28,726 households in the Anping and West Central Districts of Tainan City had their water cut off for 11 hours starting at 9 a.m. on December 6.

(Provided by the sixth district of the water company)

[Reporter Wang Junzhong/Tainan Report] In order to cooperate with the government to reduce the water leakage rate and improve the water quality of residents, the Sixth District Management Office of the Water Supply Company will handle the new and old procedures in Tainan City from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm on December 6 this year. The water supply will be shut down for the construction of the pipeline connection, and it is estimated that the water supply will be suspended for 11 hours. The scope of the water suspension will cover 28,726 households in Anping District and 9 Li in the Central and Western District. Users are urged to store water in advance for backup.

The Sixth District Office of the water company stated that considering the progress of the project and the safety of the public, traffic control will be implemented around the construction site. Please use passers-by to cooperate with diversions and pay attention to traffic safety. In case of heavy rain or a typhoon warning, the water suspension construction will be cancelled. .

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The area affected by the water cutoff is Yizaili, Pingtongli, Yupingli, Huapingli, Yipingli, Guopingli, Jianpingli, Wenpingli, and Daliangli in the Central and Western District of Anping District, Nanshi City. The number of users is 28,726.

Except for the water-suspended area, the rest of the area can supply water normally; however, there may be a slight delay when the water is restored at the end of the pipeline, buildings and high-lying areas. The water quality may be turbid at the beginning of the restoration. After the water is clear, enter the water.

The water company reminds that the water cut-off area is a low-lying area. There is still tap water in the pipeline at the beginning of the water cut-off.

During the water off period, do not immerse the rubber hose connected to the faucet into the container water, so as not to cause siphon effect to pollute the drinking water. For information about water off, please call the toll-free customer service hotline 1910, or visit the Taiwan Water website (https://wateroff.water.gov .tw/) query.