An air base in Saratov, Russia, was attacked by a suicide drone on the 5th, causing a huge explosion.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The Ukrainian-Russian war has lasted for more than nine months. A Russian air base used to launch rocket attacks on Ukraine was attacked by drones today (5th), causing a violent explosion and destroying two strategic bombers.

According to the "Daily Telegraph" report, at 6:04 a.m. on Monday (11:04 a.m. Taiwan time), a suicide drone was encountered at the "Engels airbase" (Engels airbase) in Saratov, Russia. The attack triggered a huge explosion. From the black and white images of the monitor exposed on the Internet, it can be seen that the white light generated by the explosion instantly illuminates the sky.

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It is reported that the Engels Air Force Base is one of the main take-off and landing fields for Russian warplanes launching rockets to Ukraine. It is located about 875 kilometers southeast of the country's capital, Moscow, and is more than 700 kilometers away from the nearest airport in Ukraine.

It is known that two Tu-95 bombers were damaged in this drone attack and two people were injured and sent to hospital.

It is said that after the explosion, the remaining unaffected fighter planes took off and left the base with unknown movements, suspected to be to avoid the attack.

In addition, an explosion occurred in a Ryazan near the city of Ryazan in central Russia in the early morning of the 5th. It is known that a fuel tank truck exploded at the airport, causing at least 3 deaths and 6 injuries.

In this regard, Anton Gerashchenko, an advisor to the Ukrainian Minister of the Interior, tweeted that there was news that military planes from the Engels Air Force Base and Razam Airport were scheduled to bomb Ukrainian energy infrastructure on Monday morning.

If the news is true, the Russian side exploded before carrying out the attack mission. Many people think that the Ukrainian side may have pre-empted the strike. However, Grasenko has not confirmed that the above two incidents were carried out by the Ukrainian side, and Ukrainian officials have not yet responded.

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— IanMatveev (@ian_matveev) December 5, 2022

Some sources report that this morning planes based on Engels and Ryazan air fields were scheduled to bomb Ukrainian energy infrastructure yet again.

— Anton Gerashchenko (@Gerashchenko_en) December 5, 2022