On Monday, December 5, Russian terrorists launched 10 rockets at Kyiv, 9 of which were shot down. 

This was reported to the KMDA. 

" 10 missiles

were detected in the airspace of Kyiv .


were previously destroyed

," the report says. 

The details of the missile strikes and the consequences are being established. 

Massive missile attack on Ukraine on December 5 

On December 5, Russian terrorists staged a massive missile attack on Ukraine.

The occupiers in the Zaporizhzhia region shelled the village of


Several private houses were destroyed, and there were casualties. 

The Russians also fired missiles at the Odesa region.

Odesa was left without electricity, water and heating.

It is known that air defenses shot down 10 Russian missiles over Poltava region, and 15 missiles in the eastern regions. 

There was also information about explosions in the Lviv region.

It was not confirmed. 

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