I am surprised by GERB's comments

GERB is a center-right populist, conservative and pro-European political party in - they aired Prof. Gabrovski as a candidate for prime minister, and they say he has little or no chance of forming a government, but they were obliged to do so anyway.

This was stated by the political scientist Georgi Kiryakov on the air of "The Day ON AIR". 

According to political scientist Yuliy Pavlov, Gabrovski "will be burned as a candidate for prime minister, because the chance of forming a government with the first and second term is almost zero".

"He has all the qualities, but with this hysterical opposition, the chance of a GERB government being formed and approved

GERB is a center-right populist, conservative and pro-European political party in and "We continue the change" is zero.

The only chance to have a cabinet is the third term," he believes. 

Prof. Nikolay Gabrovski is the nomination of GERB for Prime Minister, he accepted the mandate from Radev

Kiryakov also supported his claims that there was no majority to form a governing consensus.

"If some parties do not want to make a joke of the mandate of "We continue change", there is no chance of it being supported. There is no minority government with a second mandate," he was categorical. 

On Bulgaria ON AIR, Pavlov emphasized that "the hysteria surrounding forced machine voting was part of the strategy to go to the elections". 

The two guests did not fail to comment

on President Rumen Radev's statement on "We continue the change"

that the head of state feels lied to by the party and regrets that he gave them "a chance to steal the citizens' hope for real change".

"In the next elections, the result of "We continue the change" will drop even more," believes Pavlov. 

"The players on the field are nervous about the impossibility of achieving anything on the political stage, other than constant disputes. This will be punished by the voters," Kiryakov expressed his expectations.


Nikolai Gabrovsky

the political scientist Yuliy Pavlov