Personnel from the Animal Quarantine Institute culled infected laying hens.

(provided by the county government)

[Reporter Ye Yongqian/Pingtung Report] The Pingtung County Animal Epidemic Prevention Institute received a report on the 1st that a laying hen farm in Yanpu Township voluntarily reported that there were only abnormal deaths in the chickens. The samples were sent to the Animal Health Laboratory of the Council of Agriculture of the Executive Yuan for inspection. 4 The Nikkei laboratory confirmed the infection of H5N2 subtype (b branch) highly pathogenic avian influenza, and the Animal Epidemic Prevention Institute went to the field to perform culling operations, culling 8,599 laying hens on the spot, and once again supervised the industry to complete the field cleaning and disinfection work, reducing the The risk of epidemic spread; In addition, the monitoring and sampling work of surrounding poultry farms within a radius of 1 km of the farm was simultaneously launched to confirm the health status of poultry in the surrounding farms and virus-free activities, so as to control the spread of the virus and the epidemic.

The county government stated that poultry farms in Pingtung County are intensively reared and the Pingbei area is a high-risk breeding area. The Pingtung County Animal Epidemic Prevention Institute will closely monitor the development of the bird flu epidemic, strengthen visits to poultry farms and disinfect the surrounding areas, and reduce Virus activity in the environment to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

He also appealed to the laying hen industry in this county to change the breeding style of old, middle-aged and young chickens in their farms, so as to avoid the presence of avian influenza virus in the poultry houses; also ask the poultry farmers to be vigilant and observe the health of the poultry on the farm Investigate abnormal deaths, food intake, drinking water, or egg production, etc., immediately report suspicious epidemics, and implement various biosecurity measures such as personnel and vehicle access control and site cleaning and disinfection to reduce the incidence of bird flu.

Personnel from the animal epidemic prevention station culled laying hens infected with avian influenza.

(provided by the county government)