Last holiday, there were many people and vehicles in the Qingshui service area of ​​National Highway No. 3.

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[Reporter Ou Sumei/Taichung Report] A man took his family to a supermarket in Qingshui service area on National Highway No. 3 yesterday to buy oden. Picking up the money, angrily took out a wad of cash, and family members agreed and threw the bowl at the counter. The female clerk cried on the spot. The ingredients for Oden cooking are relatively large. The big bowl is for internal use, and the takeaway should be filled with soup in a small bowl and heat-resistant bags. There are signs in the store. After the explanation, the male customer can understand and ask the operator to express condolences on his behalf. female shop assistant.

The public pointed out in the po article of "Explosive Waste Commune" that when waiting in line at the supermarket in the Qingshui service area to check out, there was a big family in front of them. Because the big bowl of Kanto cooking did not have a lid, there was a cute sister at the counter over there, and the lovely sister Cursing and crying, the leading man said fiercely, don't put it in a big bowl without a lid, is it ruining people?

It’s not that they can’t afford the money, and they took out a large stack of money, and some family members agreed, “Don’t take out this kind of bowl without a lid”, and directly smashed the bowl on the counter. Witnessing the whole process, the author of the post teased, "Teaching by example is really great." On the scene, he clearly wrote that please use a small bowl for soup. The sister at the counter also said that the big bowl can only be put in a bag, questioning, "It turns out that rich people can embarrass a working student like this. Health", delaying everyone's checkout time.

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The owner of the Qingshui service area responded that the oden sold in the supermarkets in the service area is different from the general supermarkets. The large bowls in the store cannot be covered with food. Generally, it is for internal use, and there are text signs in the store. Explanation: Please put the soup in a small bowl for take-out. The food can be placed in a heat-resistant bag and separated from the wet.