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Over 1,800 users were served in the provision of patronage services under the project of the Capital Municipality "PATRONAGE CARE + IN THE CAPITAL MUNICIPALITY" procedure "Patronage Care +" and "Patronage Care + -Component 2. The project budget is BGN 10,120,530 in total.

The head of the project is Albena Atanasova, Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality for Social Activities and Integration of People with Disabilities.

The completion of the project was reported at a press conference by Mrs. Svetlana Angelova, director of the Directorate "Integration of People with Disabilities, Programs and Projects" of the Metropolitan Municipality. 

The SOS will vote on social services to help children and people with disabilities

The project aimed to support elderly and disabled people in their daily lives, according to the individual needs of each, as well as to provide short-term support for persons who are quarantined by the health authorities in connection with COVID-19 - shopping, administrative, household services and others.

The patronage service is one of the two main activities of the project.

The second main activity was aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19 in over 90 metropolitan social services, which are state-delegated activities with over 1,212 employees.

For this purpose, a non-specialized staff of over 140 employees was hired under the project and the necessary personal protective equipment, disinfectant materials and preparations were provided. 

A new project "Care at home" is in the process of being launched, which will be identical to the project "Patronage care +".

Within 12 months, people with disabilities and people unable to care for themselves will be supported according to their individual needs, they will be provided with social services and psychological support, home delivery of food, payment of household bills and others, reported the press center of Stolichna Municipality. 

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