Since 2015, the famous Ukrainian actor

Ostap Stupka

has been married to his beloved Darya, who is 20 years younger than him.

In the ZhVL program, the celebrity told how the war affected their relationship.

In particular, Stupka shared that they began to support and pay attention to each other more.

"We tried to help each other, support and protect each other's psyches. Because what are you doing with emotions and screams... You won't change anything for the better in any case. That's why you really have to suppress it in yourself," the actor shared.

Ostap Stupka with his wife / Photo:

Stupka also talked about communication with his granddaughter Bohdana, who currently lives in the USA.

The actor communicates with the girl through video communication.

Dmytro also sees his daughter, so he often sends his father videos and photos of his granddaughter.

"It was so fate that she is there. We communicate. She remembers everything: "Hello, grandfather, grandfather Ostap." Nobody called me that. Recently, Dmytro was there with her, he visited her, sent me photos and videos." , - shared Stupka.

The actor also commented on his son's divorce from presenter Polina Logunova.

According to the actor, he supported Dmytro in a difficult moment and gave him advice.

"I supported him. We had various men's conversations about this. It all happened over the phone," the actor added.

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