The 63rd story in the book, sharp, meaningful, thought-provoking (Surithep Chaimongkol, Inspire Publishing, 2010), title: Two Buddha images.

One of the temples has the Buddha image Phra Sri Ariya Maitreya enshrined at the entrance to the temple.

smiles to welcome the Buddhists who come to worship

At the back of the temple, far from people, there is a Wei Tuo Bodhisattva Buddha image with black face and black mouth.

Phra Sri Ariya Maitreya

His face was beaming and he looked happy.

calling people to worship together

But he only smiled one child.

I don't care

and forgetfulness

Do not take care of the financial account, measure it at all.

But fortunately, there is still a Wei Tuo Bodhisattva, with a black face. This Bodhisattva is strict in finance and accounting.

Take care of the donations so that they don't leak out...the temple church is damaged and decayed.

He also had money to complete the repairs.

When measuring the whole temple looks good.

There are two Bodhisattva

One of them smiles and invites the guests to enter the temple.

Another organization takes care of collecting donations.

Manage temple money for maximum benefits

temple with balanced faith

therefore lit up with the lamplight

The scent of incense and candles pervades

Villagers flocked to pay their respects continuously.

But not many people know about the past of this temple very well.

Originally, Phra Sri Ariya Maitreya was smiling to receive his guests at a temple.

The Bodhisattva Wei Tuo sat in another temple meditating on his dark face.

But the results of both measurements have different problems.

Wat Phra Sri Ariya Maitreya

Even though he smiled and accepted his relatives into the temple

But he kept smiling.

let money flow

less donations

until finally almost no use to buy oil

and buy incense and candles to spare for relatives

Wei Tuo Bodhisattva Temple has another problem.

You are not only black face, black mouth.

Day after day, I don't smile to accept my relatives.

You still don't want to be confused about anything.

Just meditating, making a black face, saying two words

You do good, do right.

Yom's relatives therefore lacked faith.

From where I used to go to the temple, it started to disappear and finally there were almost no people entering the temple.

The situation of the two temples is therefore similar.

is the first measure of profit loss

The second temple has no capital.

Lord Buddha knows the cause of the problem.

He therefore commanded the two Bodhisattvas to live in the same temple.

Put the position for the smiling face of Phra Sri Ariya Maitreya

Smiling to greet guests in front of the temple

Have the Bodhisattva Wei Tuo sit with a black face counting donations behind the temple.

Since then, the temple has recovered and flourished.

There are many Buddhists.

came to pay homage without ceasing as before

The story of the two Buddha images ends here.

don't forget

This is a story

which should have a scene in the Mahayana temple of the country far away

because if it is a Thai-style Theravada temple

Our Lord Buddha passed away more than two thousand and five hundred years ago.

There are still almost two thousand and five hundred years left that Phra Sri Ariya Maitreya will come to please.

The advantage of this story is that

It's a lesson that teaches you that separating temples, separating Somparn who are good in different fields.

away from each other

no matter in the story

or true story

The result was a loneliness.

People in the old political party

old political party

that just broke apart, don't fantasize, don't dream too far away

There will be many things as usual.

It's very difficult for your father.

Kilen competes